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Frequently asked Questions

General questions

1. How do you pronounce BiOHY?

BiOHY is pronounced "bio-hi".

2. Are all BiOHY products organic?

All BiOHY products with the green and white logo are specially developed organic cleaning agents. Our products, with an all white logo, are conventional cleaning products.

3. Where are BiOHY products made?

All our products are Made in Germany.

4. What measures have you taken to protect the environment?

All BiOHY products are shipped exclusively by DHL GoGreen. In addition, we only use FSC-certified packaging material, which we do not dispose of by using Cushion Pack, but rather recycle it and use it as cushioning material for our packages.


1. Does this cleaner attack plastic or plastic bottles?

There is no known plastic that is attacked by the cleaner.

Universal descaler

1. Is the product suitable for an ECM mechanic?

The cleaner is suitable for all brands/machines

odor neutralizer

1. Can the product be used on carpets?

Yes it can! To be sure, do a material test (spray a small amount on an inconspicuous area and leave for a few hours).

2. Can the product be used on car leather seats?

If they are water-resistant yes, otherwise carry out a material test.
The information provided by the manufacturer must always be observed.

dishwasher tabs

1. Do you still need salt / rinse aid for the tabs? or is it an all-in-one product?

It is not an all in one product. Salt/rinse aid is also required.

cream soap

1. Is the product vegan? And cruelty-free?

Our cream soap is vegan and made from plant-based raw materials, so it is not tested on animals.

Professional window cleaner

1. Can the product also be used on plastic window frames?

In general, the professional window cleaner can also be used on plastic. For this, however, the frames must be in an undamaged condition.

2. Is the product also suitable for window vacuums?

Yes, the product can be used with all common window cleaning devices

floor care

1. Can the product be used in a Karcher FC5 hard floor cleaner?

Our customers have already told us that they have used our floor cleaner with their Kärcher devices and have achieved very good results. We have not tested this ourselves and it is advisable to contact the manufacturer of the device.

intensive cleaner

1. Can this agent also be used to clean the facade?

Our intensive cleaner can also be used for exterior/facade cleaning. Please note the information on the canister.

2.Is the intensive cleaner suitable for car cleaning with a high-pressure cleaner?

According to customer reports, it should work very well.

sanitary cleaner

1. What is the mixing ratio, e.g. 1 cap to 1 liter?

In the case of heavy soiling, apply undiluted and leave to work for 5 minutes, then rinse with water. For routine cleaning, dilute 0.5-1% (40-80 ml/8 liters of cold water).

pipe cleaner

1. Can it also be used to clear blockages in the toilet?

Yes, just put 20-50 ml in the toilet, leave it on for at least 30 minutes. Not only removes clogs, but also prevents them.