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Hand in Hand mit der Natur: Warum Creme Seife mehr als nur eine umweltfreundliche Alternative ist

Hand in hand with nature: why cream soap is more than just an environmentally friendly alternative

creme-seifeWhen it comes to hygiene in everyday life, soaps play a central role. They can be found in every household and remove even the most stubborn dirt from our hands. Unfortunately, ingredients are often used that are not only harmful to the skin, but also to the environment. Wouldn't it be practical if there was a soap that not only cleanses your skin reliably, but also protects it, is suitable for the whole body and is also kind to nature?

We would like to introduce you to the environmentally friendly cream soap!

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What is cream soap?

Cream soap is a liquid soap that, unlike conventional soap, is made on a base of water and oil. This combination ensures a pleasant and creamy consistency. There are different types of cream soap, such as hand soap, foam soap and nourishing soap.

The benefits of cream soap for the skin

Cream soap has several advantages over conventional soap. Firstly, it does not dry out the skin as its formula is rich in moisturizing and nourishing ingredients. Secondly, it is easier to dose and use due to its liquid form. Cream soap is moisturizing and gentle on the skin, which is particularly beneficial for people with sensitive skin. Despite its exclusively plant-based ingredients, it reliably kills germs and bacteria.

Sustainability and environmental protection with Creme Soap

Cream soap is much more than just an environmentally friendly alternative. Unlike conventional soap, no animal fat is used in the production of cream soap. In addition, the consistency of the liquid makes it more economical to use than conventional soap bars. In addition, the packaging of cream soap can usually be recycled. Cream soap in refill bags is an environmentally friendly alternative to disposable plastic bottles. A soap dispenser made of glass or ceramic can be refilled again and again and is therefore hygienic and environmentally friendly.


How to use cream soap in everyday life

Cream soap is easy to use and can be used for a variety of purposes. Whether for washing your hands or gently cleansing your face and body - the creamy care soap contains many natural ingredients that actively nourish and moisturize the skin.

Make your own cream soap? Here's how!

Cream soap can also be made at home. You only need a few ingredients such as water, oil, glycerine and lactic acid. The exact process depends on the desired consistency and fragrance. There are many recipes for homemade cream soap on the internet that are easy to find and try out.

Choosing the right cream soap

When buying cream soap, it is important to pay attention to the ingredients. It is advisable to choose a soap that is based on natural and preferably organic ingredients and does not contain any synthetic fragrances or preservatives. The packaging should also be environmentally friendly and made of recyclable material. The cream soap from BiOHY offers you a total package that is kind to nature, consisting of sustainable packaging and skin-friendly ingredients. BiOHY products are manufactured without the use of animal testing out of conviction. BiOHY is also committed to social projects and supports fair working conditions.



Cream soap is an environmentally friendly and skin-friendly alternative to conventional soap. It contains moisturizing and nourishing ingredients that make your skin feel soft and comfortable. There are different types of cream soap that are suitable for different purposes. When buying cream soap, you should look for natural and organic ingredients and choose environmentally friendly packaging. BiOHY offers a sustainable and environmentally friendly cream soap that is free from synthetic additives and is produced fairly.

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